Welcome to AuctionCincy.com!

AuctionCincy.com is a licensed professional auction company in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Our office is located in Harrison, Ohio where we have a 2500 square foot warehouse to house and securely maintain any asset.  Max Webster is a 10 year military veteran and owner of AuctionCincy.  He is a past Ohio bid calling champion and has been providing amazing auction results for clients from personal property to toys since 2012.  There is NO situation that is too big or too small for AuctionCincy.  

AuctionCincy has a unique approach to all property situations.  We use the asset to pay the expense.  Our speciality is large property clean outs (hoards) where there is an excess of personal property that needs removed or sorted and liquidated.  We handle each property as an individual case, understanding that this was a life long collection of a loved one.  The goal is to maximize property return while being able to clear the location with the highest efficiency.  

Types of Auctions

  • Industrial Auctions – Liquidating industrial assets is a key business function for many companies. We can work to provide solutions for businesses of every size.
  • Machinery and Equipment Auctions – It is common for businesses to have surplus machinery and equipment. Rather than having your assets sit idle, let Northern Kentucky Auction help auction your equipment to the highest bidder, bringing value and liquid cash you can invest in other areas of your business.